Svetlogorsk Museum of History and Regional Studies

The museum was founded on 30 December 1978. On 5 November 1979 the museum of the history of the city acquired status of the official body and opened the door for visitors. On 1 February 2010, the Museum was renamed into the Svetlogostk Local History Museum. The basic museum mission is to collect, to study, to keep and to promote natural, historical and cultural heritage of Svetlogorsk. On the ground floor, six exposition halls presents the themes: nature and ecology, archeology and ethnography, the Great Patriotic War. The exposition of the 2nd floor tells about the industrial, social and economic development of Svetlogorsk at the present stage, mentioning the Soviet period and opens up the theme of internationalist soldiers in the hall devoted to the war in Afghanistan. The museum funds have more than 11,000 objects (2012): rich collections of archeology, ethnography, painting, numismatics, rare books and others. The museum personnel conducts overview and thematic excursions, museum classes, participate in actions for all age categories of visitors. For "the 3rd age" people, in February 2012, in the museum there was the opening of the club of museum friends "Interlocutor". In March 2007, in Chirkovichi, the branch of the museum welcomed its first visitors.
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